Recruitment Associate

Tokyo Japan

Are you motivated by pay and promotions that scale as fast as you work?

Recruitment is a job with nearly unlimited potential upside, even early on. Patrick made it to management in just 4 years–proof that this career can pay off for you in big ways and fast.

What you’ll do:

As an Associate, you’ll represent our global clients to the Japanese market. You’ll share unique opportunities with prospective candidates and book meetings to discuss. You’ll attend client meetings, learn the tech market, and build your professional network in Japan.

You will have a seat in our cozy Nogizaka office, with all you need to do the job – a standing desk, an iMac and a phone. We are a startup, just 1 year old, so you’ll be a part of our journey to a bigger space before long. This is our first Associate role, a chance to grow with us.

You’ll find coaches and mentors on our team of 9, supporting them to deliver for their clients while picking up their skills. Teamwork is a core value for us – you’ll always have someone nearby to ask for advice.

You’ll be rewarded with weekly incentives and a competitive base salary. We work flexible hours, cover transportation, and offer unlimited vacation for anyone hitting their targets.

Who you’ll work with:

We’re a tight knit team. 2020 will be our first full calendar year building this company and we’ve been through a lot together already.

Our Managing Directors have a combined 27 years of experience, so we’re well established. But we’re also a young team mostly between 25~30 years old with a “work hard, play hard” culture.

Are there requirements for this?

This is an entry-level role so your personality is more important than your resume. The only hard requirement is a valid Japan work visa. If you have experience in sales or IT, it certainly won’t hurt your chances. Japanese ability is a plus as well, but not required to succeed in the work.

How do I apply?

Please send your resume and a brief self introduction to

Don’t worry about making your profile perfect, just send us what you have.

Everyone will get a response.